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Preparing Your Young Child for an Adventure Park


Adventure, gymnastics, and trampoline parks have become popular for families with young children. They offer a fun, exciting way for kids to burn off energy and improve coordination and balance. But as with any physical activity, it is essential to prepare your child for maximum safety and enjoyment. Let’s jump into it!

Teach the Basics at Home

Before your adventure begins, you’ll want to make sure your child’s been introduced to basic trampoline and other adventure skills. Most of all, they’ll need to get familiar with the sensation of jumping on a trampoline and building their confidence. You can set up a small trampoline in your backyard, use a mini-trampoline indoors, or if you’re stuck for options you can always hold hands with them and make it a game to jump up and down. Encourage your child to jump with both feet and practice bouncing up and down, as well as side-to-side.

Choose the Perfect Park

You want to choose an adventure park suitable for young children. Look for a park with separate areas for younger and older children, as well as safety features like padded walls and safety nets. Check websites or call ahead to find out if there are any specific rules or requirements for younger kids, like age or height restrictions.

Dress Them Appropriately

Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the adventure park. This means comfortable clothes with lots of freedom of movement, like a t-shirt and shorts or leggings. Avoid strings or loose fabric that could get caught in the trampolines or slides. It’s also important to wear thicker or grippy socks to prevent slipping.

Explain the Rules and Get Clear on Safety

Before you leave for the adventure park, remind your child about safety and other rules: no running on the trampoline, jumping and sliding one at a time, and avoiding dangerous tricks. Emphasize following the rules and listening to the park staff. Review your safe jumping techniques, such as jumping with both feet and landing on the balls of the feet. Make sure your child knows to keep you in sight so that you don’t lose them in the mass of children.

Take Breaks and Hydrate

Jumping on trampolines and playing on slides can be tiring, so be sure they are taking breaks and stopping to rest and hydrate. This will help prevent fatigue and reduce your child’s risk of injury.

Remember to Have a Lot of Fun!

Most importantly, make sure your child has a great time. Jumping and sliding with other kids can be enjoyable and exciting for young kids. Encourage them to try new things and challenge themselves, but also respect their boundaries and limitations. If there’s something they don’t want to do, forcing them into it won’t help. You’re not just here to build character, you’re here to have fun and learn about play.

Getting in the Zone With Healthy Fun One

Preparing a child for their adventure is essential for both safety and enjoyment. Starting with basic trampoline skills at home, choosing the right park, dressing appropriately, explaining the rules, taking breaks, and having fun are all important aspects of your visit. Follow these tips to ensure your toddler has a fun and safe time!

From trampolines to ninja warrior courses and more, our guests really can have it all. Our trained Healthy Fun One coaches are always on duty to help guests safely push their physical bounds and have a lot of fun in the process. Call us today for more information or to buy tickets!



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