July 31, 2023 SEODogs

The Ultimate Guide to Trampoline Dodgeball at Indoor Adventure Parks


Trampoline dodgeball is one of the most popular activities at indoor adventure and trampoline parks. It combines the classic game of dodgeball with the fun of bouncing on trampolines. 

This high-energy game is a blast for kids and adults alike, and we’re here to serve up the first toss at Healthy Fun One adventure park. 

However, before you get the party started, we think it’s best if we lay down some of the rules and offer some tips to make the most of your dodgeball experience and play safely.

Gear Up Properly

Whether you’re visiting our trampoline park for the first time or throwing your next birthday party with us because you know we’re a blast, it’s always best to follow these “gearin’ up” rules before entering the dodgeball arena.

  • Wear comfortable, athletic clothing that allows free range of motion. Avoid baggy clothing that could get caught while jumping.
  • Protect feet with grippy socks bought only at Healthy Fun One. We require our special socks for anyone jumping on our trampolines. You can purchase new socks at check-in or bring washed Healthy Fun One socks from a prior visit.
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, and phones. Anything that could scratch or damage the trampolines and other jumpers should be left off. 
  • Tie back long hair to keep it secure and distraction-free.

Know the Rules

Making the most of any of our attractions is all about knowing the rules of play. Dodgeball trampoline is played similar to traditional dodgeball with some bouncing modifications. 

  • The court is divided into two sides with a center line. Teams start on opposite sides.
  • Foam balls are thrown across the center line to hit opponents. If hit, you’re out.
  • You can bounce and jump to dodge balls but cannot cross the center line. 

The rules are simple, with the number one rule being, have a fun, safe time. 

Bounce Safely

Speaking of safety. We want to avoid the stigma that comes with dodgeball being a painful, sometimes dangerous sport. 

We aren’t here to throw wrenches in people’s fun, we’re here to create the fun. Here are some of our bouncing safety rules:

  • Start bouncing gently to get the feel of the trampoline. Don’t go crazy right away.
  • Keep controlled jumps straight up and down. Avoid angled bounces.
  • Jump as close to the center of the trampoline as possible. This is the most stable spot of the trampoline..
  • Look out for other players and avoid collisions. Call “heads up!” if needed.
  • Take breaks as needed. Dodgeball trampoline can be tiring.

Throw Carefully

When throwing our foam balls, use gentle underhand lobs to throw the ball across the court. Overhand throws can be too aggressive, and we want everyone playing to want to play again!

Aim for the body to get opponents out. Never purposely aim for the head. Do not whip the ball violently. This can cause injuries. 

Finally, keep it fair retreat from the center line after throwing. Don’t linger too close.

Play Fair

In order to ensure the game lives up to the hype, play fair no matter your opponent. Offer encouragement and positivity to teammates. Avoid trash talk.

Be honest and call yourself out if you get hit. Don’t argue calls. Remember, it’s just a game!

Help players up who may have fallen to keep the game moving.

Gear Up to Duck, Dodge, and Jump at Healthy Fun One

Healthy Fun One at Potomac Mills is Woodbridge’s state-of-the-art adventure park for all activities bouncy, fun, and daring. 

Whether you’re trying your luck on our Warped Wall, testing your skill at our ninja warrior course or trying to get your friends out in dodgeball, we have an activity that meets your adventure levels.

At Healthy Fun One, we’re all about having fun with friends, family, and co-workers. 

If you’re ready to bounce on, contact us today to learn more about our party and corporate event opportunities!



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