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Top Safety Tips for an Adventure Course

Healthy Fun One at Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, Virginia

ZavaZone at Potomac Mills in Woodbridge, Virginia

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in audience interest for indoor adventure parks. Many appeal to all ages, from children to grownups.

Healthy Fun One at Potomac Mills in Woodbridge, Virginia, is one such park. Healthy Fun One offers trampolines, jump slides, a ninja warrior course, a ropes course, a warped wall, inflatables, and more family-friendly attractions.

Safety Tips At Healthy Fun One

We all know that fun can sometimes come with risks. We’ve crashed our bikes as kids or got a burn on our legs from a hot slide. These experiences always ruined the fun, so it is essential to play safely, especially at an indoor adventure park.

When you play at Healthy Fun One, our motto is you must take care of yourself and watch out for others. We want you, your family, and friends to have fun; that is why Healthy Fun One Adventure Park Potomac Mills was built with careful consideration to safety.

Let’s point out some safety tips your family and friends should consider before you come visit us to play.

Stick To Age-Appropriate Activities

For children, only allow them to participate in age-appropriate activities unless a responsible adult is nearby or our staffing coaches are nearby. Our staff is trained for safety and to encourage fun, but parents are always the best judge of their children’s limits.

Also, as an adult, you should recognize your limits and steer clear of any activities that could put unnecessary stress on your body.

Adhere To Height And Weight Guidelines

Follow all height/weight and age restrictions. These guidelines are in place to ensure safe use of adventure zone equipment. Avoidance of these rules can result in injury.

Our limits are posted near each activity. If in doubt, ask a staff coach.

Dress For Activity

While you may be tempted to dress to impress, skinny jeans and skirts aren’t going to be your best option at a trampoline or adventure park like Healthy Fun One.

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you flexibility and the freedom to enjoy your time playing while staying cool. A couple parts of the park require close-toed shoes! Leave the flip-flops at home.

Belt buckles, keys or key chains, jewelry, sharp objects, shoes, or clothing studs must be removed before participating. These objects can catch or rip the materials used to create the adventure park and, even worse, hurt you or another person. We offer electronic lockers at a minimal cost to keep your valuables safe.

Leave Unnecessary Items In The Car

Other objects like phones, cameras, and purses can also be a distraction and threat to your fun. We recommend leaving these items at home, in your vehicle, or with an adult in your party who may be sitting out the adventure for the day.

Maintain Safety While Jumping

Always be aware of people around or near you, especially children. Collisions can happen and be dangerous. Wrestling, racing, tackling, and rough housing is an activity to always avoid while jumping.

Maintain safe distances between yourself and other participants when possible. This will help avoid impact and injury
Also, no flips or tricks over the padding. The padding is covering springs, concrete, or openings between attractions. It is best to walk to the next activity.

Enjoy Safe, Adventurous Fun With Healthy Fun One Potomac Mills Today

When rules are disregarded, people get hurt. Plain and simple. Healthy Fun One in Potomac Mills desires to provide the best and the safest adventure experience possible.
It is important to us that your whole group have a great time and go home with a smile on your face. If you follow our safety rules, we guarantee a good time! Always feel free to ask a coach or manager if you have any questions prior to engaging in an activity!

Contact us today to schedule your next group event at Healthy Fun One Adventure Park.



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