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Jump, Bounce, Flip! 7 Tips for First-Timers at a Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks and adventure parks have evolved to become an increasingly popular way for both kids and adults to have fun, get exercise, and practice gymnastic skills. 

With wall-to-wall trampolines, angled trampoline surfaces, ninja warrior courses, and trampoline dodgeball courts, these indoor parks offer endless bouncing possibilities. 

But if it’s your first time at a trampoline park, the environment can also be a little intimidating. Check out these tips to make the most of your inaugural trampoline park experience.

Dress the Part

Whether hosting a birthday party or corporate event, wear comfortable, stretchy athletic clothing that won’t restrict your movement or fly up as you jump. Tightly secured shoes are also a must to avoid accidents. 

Many trampoline parks don’t allow shoes with laces, so slip-on athletic shoes or laceless sneakers are ideal. 

Our adventure park in Potomac Mills doesn’t even allow shoes on most of the equipment, but closed-toe shoes are required for the high rope courses. Our handy Healthy Fun One socks offer pure comfort, giving guests the grip and comfort they need to maximize the fun.

Aside from wearing the right clothing, you may also want to avoid wearing jewelry, which could snag or get lost. Make sure to tie back long hair as well.

Review the Rules

Before you start bouncing, read our park’s rules and safety information. Follow all posted guidelines about properly using the equipment, including only one jumper per trampoline at a time. 

Also, take note of the requirements for any supervision of younger children. Knowing the regulations will help prevent injuries and ensure you don’t accidentally break any important rules that cut your adventure short.

Bounce with Your Toes

The key to getting good lift on a trampoline is using your toes when you bounce. Keep your legs relatively straight and lift your toes upward to push off the trampoline surface. Bouncing flat-footed won’t give you enough spring in your jump. Let your arms float up to help keep your balance and stability as you bounce. Keep your core engaged as well.

Who knew that your toes were the key to the ultimate full-body workout.

Soft Knees are Key

Along with pointed toes, you want to make sure to keep your knees soft when bouncing and landing. Maintain slight bend in your knees to cushion your body and allow your legs to propel you upward.

 Locked, stiff knees can put unwanted strain on your legs and potentially lead to injury. Soft knees also help as you’re learning tricks like front flips and somersaults.

Jump Near the Center

It’s tempting to get crazy and bounce all over the trampolines, but it’s much safer to start small in the center. Jumping near the edges or dangerously close to other jumpers can lead to accidents and collisions. Focus on controlling your bounces and building skills from the center before venturing closer to the edges once you get the hang of it.

Learn the Etiquette 

Part of adventure park safety and fun is following proper etiquette around other jumpers. Wait your turn if people are already on a trampoline, and make sure to exit a trampoline you’re sharing once you’re finished with your turn. 

Give the person below you space to land safely on angled trampolines. Follow our “one at a time” rules, and be respectful of those around you. Keeping the peace ensures a smooth, happy, and safe visit to our adventure park for all.

Take Frequent Breaks

Bouncing and navigating a ninja warrior course is hard work! Taking regular breaks helps prevent against exhaustion, which could lead to injuries. 

Stop in at our cafe and hydrate with water during pit stops. Sit out for a few minutes between more intense trampolining sessions. 

Know your limits, especially as a beginner, and don’t push yourself to keep jumping if you’re feeling fatigued. 

Jump Into First-Time Flight With Healthy Fun One

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to hit the ground bouncing at your first adventure at Healthy Fun One.

Remember to start slowly, follow the rules, take breaks, and of course, have fun! The world is your bounce house, so get jumping! 

Our adventure park at Potomac Mills is one of a kind and offers the ultimate adventure for guests of all ages. Stop in for fun or contact us to schedule your next party!



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